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My Friend Asked Me: Why is My Phone Getting Hot?


My Friend Asked Me: Why is My Phone Getting Hot? – One of my friend is asking me about the overheating issue on his Android smartphone. He said that the phone’s temperature starts to getting hot while he use it for only a couple of minutes.

Then, after a couple weeks later, there’s another friend that asking me about the similar issue. But in this case, he complained that the phone is getting warm even if he’s not using it. Well, i think there’s a lot more people that has facing this temperature issue on their devices. So, i decide to write down this post for all of you, so you might understand about how could it be happen? And or is it a normal or not?

Why my smartphone getting hotAnd now, let’s find out about some things that can cause the overheating issue on your phone, and i also will including some tips to fix or avoid those problem:

1. Overuse

Using your phone for chatting / texting and or browsing continuously, will turn your phone to warm. Furthermore, using your phone for running some apps like a photo editing apps, playing games, or some other apps that needs a high performance, will surely increasing the temperature of the device more quickly.

The CPU and GPU on the device will work very hard to bring a high performance for a heavy usage like that. And also, it will need more power consumption. Then as a consequence, it will release more heat because of it’s high activity.

Solution : There’s no better solution but to restrict the usage of the phone to run such a heavy apps.

2. Signal Strength

The signal strength will also affected to the temperature of the device. When your phone receiving a poor signal strength, it will automatically scanning for another network to get a better signal strength. It is an activity that also will consume more power and will keep your device “busy”, so it will increasing the device’s temperature.

The temperature will increase more quickly if you insist to lock the network on 4G or 3G only, while those network signal strength are not strong enough on your current location. And also, your device will turn to warm if you leave it inside of your bag while the mobile data network are still activated, because your device will loose the signal strength.

Solution : If you want to use your phone for browsing, just make sure that the network strength is good. Also, don’t force your phone by locking the network on 4G or 3G if it has a poor signal.

3. Leave The WiFi “On”, While It’s Not In WiFi Network Range

It may have no big impact to the device’s temperature, but it’s better if you turn the WiFi off while it’s not in range.

4. Background Process

The app that is not been closed “properly” will keep running on the background. That means, the CPU will also keep working (even if it’s not working as hard as if the apps displayed on the screen) to run the app. Moreover, if your device has not big enough RAM, it will also affecting the performance.

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Solution : Make sure that you have close the recently used apps by using the “close” menu, or tap the back button until the app is closed. Note that if you’re using the home button, it will not closing the app, but it’s only minimize the app, keep it running on the background for multitasking.

5. Battery Problem

If you do not find anything wrong with all the things that i mentioned above, it is possible that there’s some hardware failure. Usually, the battery problem is the main thing that is noteworthy. However, there’s still another possibility that cause the overheating issue.

Solution : If you find that the battery starts to swelling, you better replace them as soon as possible. Or, try to visit the nearest service center if you’re not sure about what’s wrong with your device.

6. (Tips) Prioritizing The WiFi Connection

It’s better for you to use the WiFi connection instead of mobile data network, because your device will be quicker to get hot while you’re using the mobile data network. And you also will get a more standby time if you’re using WiFi to connect to the internet.

Well that’s it! Hope it may helpful! Just leave a comment if you have your own way to keep away your device from overheating issue! 😀