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Why Does Smartphone Battery Getting Bloated?


Why Does Smartphone Battery Getting Bloated? – Generally, a smartphone or phone cell battery will have some issue when it has too long been used. Battery power draining quickly when discharging, and when it’s getting worse the battery will start to swollen. In many cases, the smartphone users will experiencing this after a few months, not like the featured cell phone battery that can be survive even for years.

Smartphone batteryWhy does smartphone battery getting bloated quicker than featured cell phone? It’s reasonable, because when you’re using a featured phone, you just use it for call or sms only, right? While smartphone can do more than just a phone, and they will need a big power supplies so the battery power will getting drain quicker then a featured phone’s battery. Which is means you need to charge them more often than usual, people usually charging their smartphones up to 2-3 times a day.

More often you charge your smartphone, will reduce the lifespan of the battery. So that’s why a smartphone battery will damage for just a few months, depending on your habits, how you use your smartphone. On this post, i will discuss about how to care smartphone batteries to avoid from getting bloated and what the causes of it.

What causes smartphone battery swelling?

Usage habits (misuse). The damage on the battery could be cause of your own habits when you use the device. The biggest cause of bloated batteries are over charging or over discharging.

Tips : Avoid to charging your phone or smartphone battery all night long, it will make your battery over charging. Charge your battery as necessary, and discharging it when the battery icon showing that the battery has been fully charged. And don’t wait to charge till your smartphone’s getting die because of low power on the batteries.

Quickly charge it when it shown a low level battery warning, or turn it off if you can’t find any power supplies. Don’t use your smartphone while charging, it will make your smartphone overheating and it may cause some damage on the battery.

Overusing smartphone will also affecting the battery’s healthy. Make a call, playing game for hours, browsing, or anything that make your smartphone displays always on will make your battery go the extra mile.

Tips : Try to save your battery life and keep it cool.

Using charger that not in accordance. Is it affect to the battery healthy? Yes it is!

Tips : Always use the original charger, of course. Or, if there’s a case that you cannot charge your phone’s battery with the adapter, make sure that you’re using a reliable powerbank.

What can i do if my battery get swollen?

All you have to do is replace it with the new one, as soon as possible (before it get leak) because you cannot fix it. If you’re still using that swollen battery, it may cause some damage on your device. And i suggest you to replace it with the original battery, to keep the quality and keep you safe.

Well that’s all i got, hope it may helpful 😀