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What Is Tethering on Android Smartphone?

What Is Tethering on Android Smartphone? – New Android smartphone? Same as me :p When i read conversations on the several Android forums, some people mentioning about tethering, then i interested to know, and decide to ask about it to my friend who had already been use Android smartphone. “What does tethering means?” tethering is a feature on the Android smartphone that can be use for sharing data plan (internet service) to the other device such as laptops, PC tablets or even for other smartphone. So that means you can connect to the internet with your laptop (or other device) using your smartphone as a modem. For now (as i know) there’s 3 different methods for using this feature. You can tether your smartphone by using USB cable, WiFi tethering, or Bluetooth tethering. But note this, if you’re using this feature, it will make your smartphone getting hot quickly, and significantly will drain your battery life.

I personally always using this feature since i have bought my first Android phone to browsing the internet by my laptop. And it’s can effectively save my money because i don’t need to buy 2 data plan for each device (smartphone and laptop). But since then, i almost never discharging my smartphone because this feature’s need a big power supply from the smartphone battery.