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What Is Bloatware on Android?

Bloatware on Android
What Is Bloatware on Android? – Software and hardware, i’m sure that you probably know about these things. But how about bloatware? What is bloatware? Bloatware is an (or) several applications that installed on some devices by factory default that used for such purposes by the manufacturers. However, most of these applications is doesn’t have features that are useful for the device users, so those applications will only make a full storage capacity, which it means these apps are useless. If you found an or several applications just like i wrote before on your device, that’s what we are called as bloatware.

We can found those apps (bloatware) installed on some devices including laptops, smartphones, PC tablets and many more. On Android devices itself especially on Android smartphones, those bloatware is quite dominating list of installed apps. On other devices which is has a large storage capacity such as laptops, those apps or bloatware are not too distracting users, because there’s still lot of storage space on the device. But it will very annoying for other mobile devices such as smartphones especially if the device has a small storage capacity.
Some bloatware can be easily removed by uninstalling it normally, but some other cannot be easily removed because those apps installed as a system apps. But you can still remove it if you have root your Android device, and installing an apps which can be used for removing or uninstalling the system apps, such as Link2SD.