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What Does Smartphone Means?

Android smartphone
What Does Smartphone Means? – What is smartphone? Is anyone don’t know it yet? In the midst of the rapid growth of smartphone circulations, apparently some people is still don’t know what does smartphone means, and still debating about what is the differences between smartphone and cell phone (featured phone)? Now here i will try to answer it. With cell phone or featured phone generally just could be use it for make a voice call and sms, while a smartphone has more capabilities than just a phone. Although there’s no official standard about smartphone, but in my opinion smartphone is a mobile communication device just like a cell phone that has more ability that can be used for many things, such as playing music, video, chatting, browsing, receive e-mail and many more. Generally a smartphone is “equipped” with specific operating system, such as Android, the most popular operating system to the present that used by many vendors such as HTC, Sony Xperia, LG, Samsung Galaxy, etc. BlackBerry OS for BlackBerry (BB) devices, Windows Phone on some device like HTC or Nokia, iOS for iPhone (Apple), and many more.

However, as the rapid technology development, the definition of smartphone i’ve wrote above has been shifted, even been turn away into a mobile computing and entertainment device with pocket size that has a communications capability just like a cell phone. Previously, there’s some mobile device that has a function just like a smartphone, we called it as PDA. Just like a smartphone, they already has specific operating system. Some of them are PalmOS and Windows Mobile (has changed name as Windows Phone right now). I don’t know what exactly the differences between PDA and smartphone, but the most prominent is the different type of touchscreen they’re been use. PDA using a resistisive touchscreen which are often combined with a stylus (seems like a pen), while modern smartphone is using a capacitive touchscreen which is more comfortable to use with fingers.
Based on my vision, the minimum condition for a phone cell to be categorized as a smartphone is the capability to receive an e-mail quickly and directly to the device (just like receiving an sms) without opening the e-mails provider site. Well that’s all i got for explain, because of i’m still newbie for gadget’s too, i asked you to correct me if i’m wrong. Hope it may helpful 😀