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How To Turning Off Auto-update Apps on Android


How To Turning Off Auto-update Apps on Android – Preventing our Android device to auto-updating all the apps could help us to save our data plan, especially for us who has a limited data plans. As we all know, most of android device will automatically updating the apps that has been installed on them, just shortly after the internet / data connection has been activated.

How to prevent auto update apps AndroidSome other will only run the auto-update apps when the device has been connected to a WiFi network. But i think we still need to set to disabling the auto-update apps, though. Because sometimes, the most up-to-date version of the apps does not necessarily work as good as the older version. Trust me!

So this time, i will show you how to stop and prevent our Android device fromĀ auto-updating the installed apps. Simply follow this steps :

1. Run Google PlayStore on your Android device. Tap on the three lines icon (i don’t know what’s the name) on the top left, right on the left side of the search (Google) bar, and the Google PlayStore apps will showing some menus. Scroll down to find Settings, tap on it.

Disabling auto update apps on android2. The apps will appearing more menus about setting, then find and tap on Auto-update apps (usually placed on the top). There will be a popup menu appearing on the screen, then simply choose the “Do not auto-update apps” option.

How to stop auto update apps on AndroidAnd that’s it! Now you have successfully prevent the auto-update apps! Feel free to explore Techijau.net to find another useful post!