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Is Your Facebook App Keeps Auto-updating? Here’s How To Stop It!


Is Your Facebook App Keeps Auto-updating? Here’s How To Stop It! – A few weeks ago, i found a notification that looks unusual on my Android phone. It says that “Facebook app is successfully updated”.

At the first time, i think there’s some error on my phone, because i already set to not allowing the auto-update apps on the Google PlayStore. But then, the facebook app keeps auto-updating again and again, and i think i have to stop it.

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So, i try to find the setting to prevent the facebook app from updating by it self. And fortunately, i found it! So if you also want to stop the facebook app from auto-updating, you need to follow this steps!

1. Open your facebook app on your Android phone (and i think it will also work for iPhone. Please let me know by leaving a comment below), switch to option tab (on the top right corner) and then select App Settings.

Stop auto update facebook app2. Then, the app will show you the settings option. Select App Updates.

How to stop auto update facebook3. Now, you only need to switch off the Auto-update Facebook option.

Facebook app keeps auto updating4. The app will appearing a pop-up warning just like the image below. Tap on the Turn off option to confirm.

Stoping facebook from auto updatingThat’s it! Now the facebook app will not auto-updating anymore!


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