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How To Avoid Malware On Smartphone

Avoid malware on smartphone
How To Avoid Malware On Smartphone – Technology, many people was helped by high technology devices to make their live easier, such as smartphones and PC tablets. But those devices will not be useful if there’s no applications inside them. Lots of those apps are offering many attractive features, but there’s not a bit number of application who’s containing a bad program, or we call it as a malware. Several of those apps or malware can even stealing your data on the smartphone, PC tablets or another device, such as your account data including bank account or passwords. People usually using an Antivirus to protect their data on the device, but it doesn’t mean your device is perfectly safe! So for you gadget users must be really carefully when you want to installing apps on your device to avoid malware infecting your device. So now i will share some tips to you to make your phone safe from malware. Before you decide to install an application, you have to take attention to this following things :

Where to download apps

If you want to download apps or another contents, make sure you download it from the trusted site. But i always recommended to you to download apps on the official “store” for each platform or operating system. For example Android device users, Google Play is the official store to get any contents for your device. But, you have to keep alert before installing apps.

Overview of the apps

Each product including application is always has an overview, and an overview is always highlighting the good point of the product, right? So what is we should note about it? The main point, the function. See the description, what’s the features they offering by that app. It will be continued on the next tips.

User Permission

After seeing the description, now compare it with the user permission. What do we need to compare with them? As i wrote above, you have to take attention with the function and the features. See what the apps could be access if its installed on your device. Is that access is needed for any of the apps feature or not? If there is some suspicious access permission that are not related to the apps feature, you better to click “cancel” button, because that apps could be containing some malware on it. 

Read the User Review

If you’re still in doubt, i suggest you to read the user review. But, don’t be misguided by the comments up there! Take attention for the comments, if all the comments is dominating by positive comments (user satisfaction), make sure these reviews are coming from different person, especially if the review is below 1000 users. Then take attention on the date section and what device are they using on the comments (review). If the type of device they’re using are all the same or similar, and the time lapse (date) are all nearly the same, it can be suspected that the review are written by the apps creator himself which it means it’s a fake review.
Then don’t forget to keep your Antivirus updated! It’s not difficult to do right? I hope it may be helpful 🙂