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Sending Files Via WiFi Using ShareIt


Sending Files Via WiFi Using ShareIt – Years ago, we’re accustomed to use bluetooth to share contents between phones. Ya, it was, before the contents like a photos and videos are getting bigger and bigger size, and then we found that transferring them via bluetooth is such a pain.

As we all know, bluetooth will takes over minutes for transferring file that only has a few megabytes. Now imagine how if you try to send a high resolution videos that has a huge file size with bluetooth? Maybe it will takes forever to resolve.

But thankfully, we’re now able to send and receive files over WiFi, that has hundreds time faster transfer rate than bluetooth. But the question is, how could we do that?

There’s some of apps that allow us to do so, like Share Link from ASUS or ShareIt From Lenovo. But now in this post, i will only explain about how to use ShareIt, to send or receive files over WiFi. With this apps, we are able to send files from phone to phone, phone to laptop, or even laptop to laptop. But the steps may a little bit different, depending on what device do we use for sharing files using this app.

Download Links : Here for Android, Windows Phone, iOS, or here for Windows (on PC/laptop)

And as a starter, i will explain how to use it to transfer from phone to phone :

Using ShareIt To Share Files Between Phones

Let say that you’re using a phone named “Alpha” to send files to your friend’s phone that named as “Beta”. Now, open ShareIt on both Alpha and Beta phones, and setup the name (of your device), avatars, etc. as you want (it’s only appear when the first time we open and use the app), then the apps will showing an appearance like this :

How to use shareit on android1. Tap on Send button on Alpha phone (the sender) and Receive button on Beta phone (the recipient).

The apps on the Alpha phone (sender) will showing various kind of files that is able to be sent. Choose as much as you want, then we’re ready for the next step.

TIPS : You can also choosing files from your file manager or gallery, then tap on share icon and choose ShareIt

2. Once you’ve done with the first step, the Alpha phone will start to detecting any phones that are ready to receive (in this case, that phone is Beta phone).

Sharing files between phones over WiFiTap on the icon of the Beta phone (if it’s already detected), as shown as the image above. And then if the both phones are successfully connected, the files will be sent automatically.

Using ShareIt To Share Files From Phone To Laptop

Now, if you want to transferring files from phone/tablet to your laptop (or vice versa), the steps is almost the same as what i already described above. But, there’s an additional step that you have to do :

1. Run ShareIt on your laptop, then the apps will start showing like this

How to use shareit on laptopClick on it, and then the apps will appearing a QR code. Now, let’s start to move on the phone.

Run ShareIt on your phone, click Send or Receive (depending on your needed), and then if your phone’s start to detecting the other device, you should tap on the Connect to PC button, that is placed on the bottom of the screen.

Sending files from phone to laptop2. After that, click on the Scan to connect button, and now your phone will activate the back camera. Put the camera on the QR code that is already shown on the laptop’s screen.

Connecting smartphone to laptop using shareit Once they’ve done to connect, the devices will ready to transferring files from both direction.

Send files from laptop to phoneYou can drag and drop files on your laptop to easily send them to your phone. No more USB cable needed.

Tips : If it takes too long to connect, try to close the apps on both laptop and phone, and then try to start over.

Using ShareIt To Share Files Between Laptops

It has a totally different way if you wants to transferring files over WiFi (using ShareIt) from laptop to another laptop. Let say that one of the laptops named as “Alpha”, and the other one is “Beta”, no need to notice which one is the sender or receiver.

1. Run ShareIt on both laptop, then wait until the apps is appearing message like this on the bottom of the app’s appearance.

Sending files between laptops via shareitLet’s start with the Alpha. Click on the message, and the laptop will start to detecting another device.

2. In this case, we need to create a personal network, and we will create it on the Alpha laptop. Don’t worry, it’s totally easy because the app will automatically created it for you. All that you need is wait for a second and tick the Show Characters checkboxes, to let the other laptop to join and connecting to this network.

How to send files between laptops over wifiNow, lets move to the another laptop (Beta). If you’ve done with the first step above, then the laptop will start to detecting the network that has been created on the Alpha laptop. Click on it to join the network.

3. The Beta laptop will asked for the password of the network, then simply type the password that has been shown above (on the Alpha laptop) and click on the Join button.

Share files over wifi between laptopsThere will appear a popup message on the Alpha laptop, then click Accept.

4. Once the both laptop has successfully connected, you can now can freely sending and receiving files on both of them. Simply drag and drop the files that you want to share, or click Select Files on the bottom of the apps.

Sharing files between laptopsAnd that’s all! Pretty easy, isn’t it? Feel free to explore Techijau.net to find another useful tips and tricks. See ya on the next post!