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Why is The Android Phone Screen Suddenly Turns Off During Call?


Why is The Android Phone Screen Suddenly Turns Off During Call? – A few weeks ago, one of my friend are complaining about an annoying experience while using his new Android phone.

He said, the phone’s screen suddenly turns to black when he accepting an incoming call. And he also found that the screen is also turns off after he trying to make an outgoing call, and the screen won’t turn on as long as the call is still running, so then he cannot ending the phone call.

Phone screen turns off during callThere should be something wrong! And i suspect that the screen protector (tempered glass protector) are the cause of that problem. Wait, seriously?

Yup! I ask him to remove the screen protector that installed on his phone, then try to make a call. And ya, the screen are back to normal after that!

But, he wonder how can the screen protector are affecting the screen behavior, especially during he make an outgoing call or receiving an incoming call? Now let me provide a little bit explanation.

Most of smartphone out there are equipped with a Proximity Sensor that placed in the front panel of the phone. The function is to detect the presence of nearby objects without any physical contact, that’s what Wikipedia said 😂😂.

Phone screen turns to black while callingWhen you making an outgoing call or receiving incoming call, the sensor will be activated. And when the Proximity sensor are detecting an approaching object (in case that we put the phone on our ear), the phone will turning off the screen to avoid an accidental taps on the touchscreen when we held the phone to the ear during a call.

So, if the screen protector are covering the Proximity sensor area, the screen will always turn to black while you make a call. And if you want to bring some extra protection for you phone’s screen, i suggest you to use a screen protector that has a hole for the Proximity sensor.

How If My Phone Aren’t Using Screen Protector But It Still Turns To Black During Call?

It should be some hardware failure there. And you only have two option:

1. Turn off the proximity sensor if it’s possible. Usually we can find the setting on the phone call menu. But, it wouldn’t fix anything.

2. Visit the nearest service center to let the technician to fix the problem.