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Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime: Sensors & Benchmark Score


Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime: Sensors & Benchmark Score – I just got my Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime, and i planned to make a review of this smartphone on this blog. And while waiting for me to finish the review, here on this post i will share a slight details about this device.

So let’s start with the AnTuTu Benchmark score for Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime!

Antutu benchmark score Samsung Galaxy J2 PrimeAs you can see on the image above, this phone can surprisingly reach for about 35K on AnTuTu benchmark score. For me, it’s a little bit beyond expectations because this device is only a low-end phone from Samsung that equipped with MediaTek MT6735 Quad-core 1.5GHz Cortex-A53 CPUs, 1.5GB of RAM and run with Android Marshmallow.

At the first time, i had doubts about the bechmark test result. But then, i start to use the device continuously to find out my self. And yes, the performance is pretty good and smooth.

So now, i can start to run the second test: the sensors! For this time, you can’t expect too much because it has only few sensors inside.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime SensorsThe Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime has only 3 main sensors, including accrlerometer, and sound sensor. And then i’m trying to do the third test: Multitouch.

This phone has a touch screen panel that support up to 2 fingers only. Ya, it’s only two! But i think it’s still just fine for most of people. So that’s it! Next, i will write a complete review including the features and the camera. So, stay tuned at Techijau.net 🙂