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How To Fix Insufficient Storage Available While Updating Android Apps


How To Fix Insufficient Storage Available While Updating Android Apps – Few days ago, i decide to updating WhatsApp app on my Android phone, and i think there’s some of other app that also need to be updated, so i open the Google PlayStore to update the WhatsApp together with some of another installed app.

The updating process is in a good manner with the first and second app. But then, the phone start to showing an error message like “Insufficient Storage Available”, and the update process was failed! It is weird, because i know that there’s still a lot of space in the internal (and external) storage.

I don’t know what the problem is, but i try to find solution by my self. And thankfully, i found a simple way to fix it with no root required! So, if you find the same problem, you may follow this simple steps to resolve the problem :

1. Open setting on your Android device, scroll down a little bit to find the Apps menu. Tap on it!

Easy way to fix insufficient storage available2. Now switch to the All Apps tab, and then find and choose the apps that previously failed to be updated (in this case, i will choose the AnTuTu apps).

Solutions of insufficient storage available problemFirstly, you only need to tap on the Clear cache button, then go back to Google PlayStore and try to update the app. But if it’s still showing the same error message (insufficient storage available), get back to the setting and find the app once more, then hit the Clear data button.

I should warn you that if you follow the second solutions (choosing clear data), the data of the app will completely deleted, including the password and more. So, if it’s an social media app, you need to remember your username and password on it.

You can also try to clear the all app’s cache with cache cleaner app if you have it on your phone. Or, if your device is running on Android v5.0 and above, you can try to clear cached data without using any apps just like what i already described on this post.

Another Option

  • Try to hit the Move to SD card button if it’s available.

Well that’s it! Please, leave a comment if this trick is work for you! Or feel free to explore Techijau.net to find another useful posts!