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Resolving Insufficient Charge Current On Android Device

How To Fix Insufficient Charge Current On Android Device – A few days ago one of my friend was complaining about charging problem on his device (an android tablet). Whenever he try to plug in the device with the charger, the battery just won’t charge properly. He said sometimes there’s a message that showing “Plugged in, not charging”. And the worse thing is sometimes the battery percentage was getting dropped down (from 32%, 30, 28 …) while the charger was plugged in. He also said that sometimes he got a message like “Insufficient charge current” while charging.
I never experiencing that kind of problem with my devices before, but i try to give him some solution after i try to investigate the causes of that problem. So if you’re facing the same problem, maybe some tips from me will work for you depending on the causes.
1. Try to use different charger with a bigger output supply
A huge battery capacity needs a big power supply from the charger. So maybe your charger’s output just too small. For example, if your charger’s output was just 700mA (or 0.7A) then try to use a charger with 1000mA (or 1A). Or maybe your charger just having some damage.
2. Try to use a different USB cable.
The wire or USB cable is also the important thing that you should notice. If the charger and the device won’t connected properly (via USB cable), the charging process will also becomes obstructed.
3. A problem with the device (bug)
So if the tips that i given above is doesn’t work, there must be some problem with your device. The most possible thing that could be happen is your device’s microUSB port just having damage so the device won’t connect securely with the charger. But it doesn’t rule out the possibility that there’s another thing that causes the charging problem, maybe the software bug or anything else. So just bring your device to the service center to resolve the problem.
But if you haven’t try all of those tips, there’s another thing that you can do to recharge the battery. Just simply turn off your device while charging, it should be work. Having a different advice to resolve it? Just leave a comment below.