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What Is The Operating System of Samsung Z2?


What Is The Operating System of Samsung Z2? – Samsung just released their new Z2, an entry-level smartphone that is being aggressively promoted on commercial TV ads.

Samsung offers an affordable price tag for this phone, because the Z2 are aimed for those who’s still using featured phone, so they can switch to smartphone without spending a lot of money.

Is Samsung Z2 Android or NotBut there’s one big question that might be on people minds: Is the Samsung Z2 using Android, or not?

Well, Samsung Z2 run with Tizen, an operating system that is developed by Samsung it self. So, the answer is no, Samsung Z2 is not using Android OS. This is important for you who already using an Android device before, because the Tizen Store (official application store for Tizen OS) has non as much as the Google PlayStore contents, at least, not until now.

So you may not find some apps that you usually use on your Android phone. But don’t worry, because Samsung has pushes the growth of the Tizen Store so hard to enrich contents as fast as possible by giving away some¬†great rewards for developers who has submitted their mobile apps to the Tizen Store (until 2017).

And remember that this device are aimed for those who has never using a smartphone before, so i think they will not need so much apps installed on their device.

Ya, i have to say that the Tizen OS is not ready yet for the real competition with Android or iOS, at least until this post has been published. But, if we notice to their efforts in developing the OS and growing the number of apps by inviting the developers with their own ways, i think Tizen will ready for the competition (and ready for pro users) in the near future.