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Things You Need To Know About Gorilla Glass & Dragontrail Glass


Things You Need To Know About Gorilla Glass & Dragontrail Glass – The screen has been the main component for most of smartphones on the market, at least, until i’m done to write down this article. Screen on smartphones is not only use for showing the contents like photos or videos, but it’s also role as an input method by touching or taping on it to control the smartphone itself.

Screen on smartphones is also the most fragile hardware, and gristle to scratches or even break by contacts with hard objects around us. So that’s why many smartphone’s manufacturer provide an extra protection with some kind like Gorilla Glass, or Dragontrail Glass on the top of the screen layer to keep order to remain good.

As we all know, Gorilla Glass and Dragontrail Glass are offering an extra protection for the screen from scratches and impacts. In fact, the recently released Gorilla Glass 5 are even bring a more stronger protection. It’s mentioned that the Gorilla Glass 5 will still survive if we drop the phone up to “selfie-height”, which is a really great news for those who careless enough to drop smartphone more than once in a month just like me. 😛

But is that mean Gorilla Glass is unbreakable? Well, sorry to say, but it is not. Even if they’re mentioning that those glass are strong enough to withstand face-down drop, it doesn’t mean that the glasses are shatterproof. Unfortunately, i found that so many smartphone users out there are misguided with the word “strong” or “scratch-resistant” which is always been mentioned regarding to the glasses. And most of them also think that if the screen are cracked (because of an impact), it means the Gorilla Glass that installed on their phone was not original.

Gorilla Glass CrackedSo, on this post, i decide to made a short discussion about Gorilla Glass or Dragontrail Glass and the important facts about them.

1. It’s Not Shatterproof

The word “strong” doesn’t mean unbreakable or “cannot be destroyed”. Yes, even if the glass are tougher than another common glasses, it’s also has a limitation. Do you ever hear a story of a man who broke the screen of his brand new phone after trying to crack open a walnut with the phone?

Breaking phone screen with walnutSource : Newsgd

So, you should learn from that guy’s braveness and  i think it’s more than enough to prove that the glass is not shatterproof.

I have experiencing my self that the screen of my phone was still looks good after i drop it face-down from the table, twice in a week. But then it’s cracking like a mess after i accidentally drop it once again while hiking and the screen was hitting a rock. That phone was using Gorilla Glass 3, by the way.

So the conclusion is, the glass were strong enough and will just fine if it’s falling face down and hitting a flat surface. But it cannot resist the damage when hitting an uneven surface. And of course, it’s depending on how bad the impacts, too. The bigger / wider screen, will be more easier to brake. And oh, it’s also have a higher chance to crack when it’s falling with the corner side to hit the surface first.

2. It’s Scratch Resistant, But…

Those glass are scratch resistant, but i should tell you that you must keep it away from the sands, because they can easily scratch the glass.

No, i’m not trying to tell you that those glass are useless. But the point is, you should still take a special attention of your phone because no matter how tough is the Gorilla Glass or Dragontrail Glass, they are also has a limitations and weakness. And yes, it’s better if you bring an extra protection for your phone because the cost of repairing or replacing a cracked screen could be the same as the price of a new low-end phones.