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How To Use Link2SD On Android Device?

How To Use Link2SD On Android Device? – Link2SD, so many people especially Android device users have thanked to this apps. What is Link2SD used for? This app is very very useful for the Android devices that supported with a small internal storage capacity. Link2SD can be used for moving the data of the applications we’ve been installed to the 2nd partition of the SD card. What is the difference with the native move to SD methods? Of course it has a big difference between them. On native methods, you will found some downloaded apps (user apps) will cannot be moved to SD card, but if you’re using Link2SD you can move the entire user apps onto SD card (force move). Next, if you’re using native methods, your device’s internal storage space is not totally safe, because that methods is just moving the .apk file, and it still require to wrote the apps data on your device’s internal storage such as dalvik-cache (.dex) files and lib files (.so) files. So if you’re using Link2SD, you don’t need to worry about that because this apps will move the entire apps data to SD card including dalvik-cache files and lib files.

And the other special feature on this app, Link2SD is can be used for removing the system apps (bloatware) which it will very helpful to save more space on device’s internal storage. And that’s why this app is highly recommended to you! So now, i will explain the basic feature on this app. But there are some requirement if you want to use this apps optimally :
  • You have to root your Android device first before you can use the main feature
  • Make sure that your microSD card has been partitioned. Go to this link to create partition on SD card
  • Then install Link2SD app from Google Play
  • 1. If all requirement have been met, run the app (Link2SD) on the device’s menu. If the app is requesting the SuperUser access (like the image below) touch “allow” option.

    Link2SD asking SuperUser permission

    2. For the first launch, if you’ve been partitioned your SD card, the app will shown a popup option just like the image below. Choose one of them according to the file system on your SD card’s 2nd partition, and restart your device after that, and re-launch Link2SD after restarting. If there’s shown an “error mount script” warning, you have to re-partitioning your SD card. I suggest you to change the file system on the SD card’s 2nd partition (if you use ext2 before, use ext3 / ext4 / FAT32 file system when re-partitioning)

    Select file system

    3. If it’s done well, choose the apps that you wants to move to SD card’s 2nd partition. Touch / tap softkey (capacitive button or “option” key) choose multi select option, and you can touch the select all option, or you can choosing manually by tick the apps one by one. Choose actions after that.

    Choosing user apps on Link2SD

    4. There will be shown the other menu on Link2SD, then choose create link.

    Create link on Link2SD

    5. Tick all the options, then click OK.

    Move all apps to micro SD card's 2nd partition

    6. Wait till Link2SD moving all the apps to SD card’s 2nd partition. When it’s done, you can check the memory status on your device. Touch the softkey, and then choose storage info.

    Device storage info

    As you can see on the image above, the total apps data that have been moved on SD card’s second partition is shown on the white circle.

    I have to remind you that if your apps has been linked to SD, you don’t need to moving apps to SD card with native methods, because it has been moved to 2nd partition of your SD card.

    Uninstalling / removing system app with Link2SD

    That is pretty easy to use this feature. All you have to do is choosing one or more system apps (bloatware) that you want to remove, then choose action.

    How to remove system apps on Android

    Next, choose uninstall on the option

    Uninstalling system apps on Android device

    Then Link2SD will shown a warning message, to confirming about the removal, read it carefully. If you’re sure enough, simply click OK.

    Final warning before uninstalling system apps

    Warning..!! If you want to remove or uninstalling the system apps, make sure that you’re not removing an important (vital) app. Because if you do, there will be some risk on your device, such as some features or function is doesn’t work properly, bootloop, or even it could make your device’s totally death (brick). Make sure you know the function of the apps that you want to remove. 🙂