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How To Use Gemini App Manager?

Gemini App Manager
How To Use Gemini App Manager? – Every smartphone users is always wanted for their smartphone performance run optimally for sure, right? But commonly a smartphone will getting reduction in performance after few months we’ve been use it, or because of too many apps we have installed to the device. Then there will be appear a question : how to restore smartphone performance just like new one? For you Android device users, i will recommended to you to install an app that will help to resolve your smartphone performance. The name of the app is Gemini App manager. This app can managing the other app optimally, and it will affect to your smartphone or PC tablets performance for sure, although it’s just a little bit more smoother than before you use this app. What is the special feature from Gemini App manager? This app can be used for moving apps to SD card, though it’s not as good as Link2SD. But, that is not the main feature of Gemini App manager! The main feature that will really helpful is this app can be use for managing the autorun of the apps. What is the benefit by managing autorun? Of course it will affect to the device performance. Some apps will automatically launch on the background without our permission, and those app will slow down our device performance because the device’s processor will do a hard work to open and processing those apps.

And now, i will share to you how to use Gemini App manager, but i will just share about the main feature of this app. You can download this app from Google Play. One thing that you have to note before installing this app. To use the main feature, this app will require root permission, so make sure your device has been rooted.

Disclaimer : I will not be responsible if there’s if an error occurs because of the wrong process or because of your own mistake. Do it really carefully, read the statement on the apps before you decide to turn off the autorun. Please read this article till the end carefully before you make practice with your own device.

We go straight to the point, launch Gemini App manager on your device, then touch the softkey or capacitive button (option), then choose expert mode just like the image below.

Using Gemini App manager

You will see so many applications, this will show you not only the user (downloaded) app, but system app also. So be careful to using this app. As you can see on the image above (left side), each app will got many icons below them. To start managing autorun of the apps, choose an app with “AUTO” icon, then on the popup menu choose config “Autorun” (root) just like the image below.

Managing autorun on Android

Note : if you’re a none expert user, i suggest you to choosing the user (downloaded) app only to avoid a malfunction on the device.

If the app is asking SuperUser (root) permission, just allow them. Then there will shown autorun permission or configuration of the app that you’ve been chosen just like the image below. Read the autorun configuration carefully, then turn them off if you think that might be useless. Press back button and do the same with the other apps as you wish.

Manage autorun using Gemini App Manager

Note : I have to remind you to be careful before you decide to turning off some apps autorun! Make sure you know what is the main function of the app, and make sure you have read the description of the autorun. Any mistakes will make that apps wouldn’t work properly! If you do a wrong setting of the system apps, it will make a big problem on your device! Your device will restarting over and over (bootloop) or it will get worse, totally death (bricked)!

Some apps like Antivirus will require to run on boot completed to work properly, and i suggest you to do not make any changes for any important app especially the system app.