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Turning Off The Auto-correction Words (While Texting) on Android


Turning Off The Auto-correction Words (While Texting) on Android – An auto-correction word is a feature that we usually found on the smartphone’s (and or tablet) virtual keyboard. The feature is actually provide to “help” us to avoid a typographical error (typo) while using the keyboard.

Turning off auto correction word on Android keyboardWhile we’re typing on the keyboard, they will automatically replacing the word that is regarded as a typo. But sometimes, it will also replace the word(s) that we’re not considering to change it, and that’s really annoying!

But fortunately, we are able to change the keyboard settings so this smart-ass feature can’t bother us while typing a word on our device. Here’s how to turn it off (Android device only):

1. Run Setting on your device, select Language & input.

Setting android keyboard2. Now, look at the image below. Look which current keyboard that has been selected on your device. In this case, i am using the ZenUI Keyboard as a default keyboard. So then tap on the ZenUI Keyboard section to see the menus available.

Turn off auto correction while typingOr, some device will appearing a gear icon, so tap on that icon.

3. Scroll down to find the Auto-correction option. But, if you can’t found it, simply tap on the Advanced settings, then you can now find the Auto-correction option.

Auto replace setting keyboard Android4. After you tap on it, there will appear a pop-up menu, than simply select “Off”, then your device’s keyboard will not bother you by switching the words while you’re typing!

That’s it! Please note that the appearance and the options of the setting menu will be various. For example, on some Sony Xperia devices, you can select Word suggestion option because there’s no Auto-correction option on it.