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How To Appearing Emoji Keyboard On Asus Zenfone/Fonepad


How To Show Emoji Icons On Asus Zenfone/Fonepad Keyboard – Me and one of my friend are using an Asus android device (i’m using fonepad while he use zenfone). Someday i’m responding one of he’s post on instagram by leaving a comment with an emoji included. He was a little bit surprise with that and then he ask me later about those emoji.

He was complaining about why does his phone are unable to show emoji icons just like mine? Well, i told him that it’s just about the setting on the (virtual) keyboard and then i took his phone to set it up. So then i decide to made this post for you who also using an Asus device and don’t know how to show the emoji icons on your Asus keyboard. No, you don’t need to install any additional apps. All that you need is following this simple steps :

1. Run setting menu on your device and then choose “Language and input” option.

ASUS Keyboard setting2. Click “Default” option as shown on the image below. There will show up another menu and then click the “set up input methods” option.

Change input method on ASUS Fonepad3. Choose “Asus keyboard” and then choose “input languages” option.

How to appearing emoji on keyboard ASUS Zenfone4. Now you will be able to choose more than one input methods (languages) just like shown as the image below. Now you should check the “Emoji” option below the “active input methods” section.

Appearing emoji on asus zenfone keyboard5. And now you can easily insert an emoji on whatever you want. Simply switch the keyboard “language” or input method by tapping on the bottom left button.

Emoji keyboard on ASUS ZenfoneSo that’s how you show emoji icons on your Asus keyboard without using or installing any additional apps. It works for both Asus zenfone 4,5,6 and fonepad 7&8 (Asus android device with ZenUI). Enjoy it!