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How To Resolve Problem With Internal Storage Space On Android Device

Memory full

How To Resolve Problem With Internal Storage Space On Android Device – Some users of Android devices has experienced a warning that indicating “Memory Full, Not enough phone storage space” on the device, even it’s still lot of space on the SD card. But that warning is not intended for the SD card or external memory, which it means that warning was aimed at the internal storage capacity on the device. Even though we had move our apps to SD card, it will still be shown because the data of the apps that we’ve been installed is will still be wrote on the internal storage. But if you have experiencing this, you don’t have to worry, because we can still resolve this by managing the space on internal memory. How to manage space on internal memory? There’s several ways to manage our device’s internal storage, and i will share to you so you can resolve problem with internal storage space on your device by your self.

Okay, lets we start with the easiest way! Check on your device how much left the space on the internal storage. For your info, you have to leave at least 30 MB of internal memory to keep your device working properly, more space is better. You can check the disk space on your device by entering setting menu -> Storage, and see how much available space on the phone memory.

1. Move your apps to SD card to safe some space on internal storage. If you don’t know how to do it, please check on How to move Android apps onto SD card page.
2. If you already done it and the device’s still showing the warning, try to deleting some data on the apps. Go to setting, choose one or more apps and then choose clear data

Managing space on internal memory

But remember this, once you clearing data on the apps, all the saved data such as passwords, statistics, apps setting etc. will be totally gone.
3. Then try to install cache cleaner apps that you can get it on Google Play, use search menu and type “cache cleaner”, then choose and install one of them. After installing, launch the app and start to deleting cache with these app. It will help to save more space on internal memory.
4. If you’re not satisfy enough with the internal storage’s space, you can try to deleting some bloatware on your device.

That are the basic way to manage your device’s internal storage. But if you want more space on the internal memory, you can try this :

1. Try to root your device. I can’t tell you how to root your Android device because there’s so many different ways to do it,  depending on your device. Different brand or type has a different way.
2. Then try to installing Link2SD to move all of your data apps to SD card. This app has some advantages that may help you to save space on the internal memory, and it has a totally different methods with the native method of moving app to SD card. To see how to use Link2SD, you can go to this link.
3. Try to delete some system apps that you’ve never use. You can also using Link2SD to do it.

Well, that’s all i got. Hope it may help you 🙂