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How To Move Android Apps Onto SD Card

Moving apps to sd card
How To Move Android Apps Onto SD Card – Actually, this is a simple way that maybe the most of Android device users have understood and mastered about this. But in fact, there’s a lot of people who new on Android device, so it’s so many people who don’t know how to move Android apps onto SD card. Why do we need to move apps to SD card? As we know, there’s so many Android devices with variety of specifications, which it’s so many devices that only supported with a small internal storage capacity. So we need to move the data of the apps to keep the empty space on internal storage, because it will interfere the device performance if the internal storage has no more space. So, on this post i will explain the easy way to you about how to move apps onto SD card. This method is can be used for any device with Android operating system such as Sony Xperia, Samsung Galaxy or HTC.

Firstly, you can go to the setting menu. You can found it on the menu of the device, or touch the softkey (capacitive button) then choose setting
Setting menu on Android
Then choose the apps option on setting
Apps settings
On the first tab (downloaded) will shown all apps that you’ve been downloaded (user apps) choose the apps that you want to move to SD card.
Manage downloaded apps
Then there will be shown some option, choose move to SD to move the apps on SD card.
Moving user apps to sd card
Do the same with the other apps. But i will tell you that this method is NOT moving all of the apps data. The apps data will still be wrote on internal storage, which it means that the disk space on your device’s internal storage is not completely safe if you’re using this method. To resolve this issue, i suggest you to root your device, and install Link2SD apps. Link2SD could effectively help you to move the other application data onto SD card.