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How To Hide Security Warning On Xiaomi Device

How To Fix (Hide) Security Warning On Xiaomi Device – A few weeks ago i’ve been try to use one of Xiaomi smartphone (Redmi Note with MIUI v5). That device just working good, but there’s some issue with “security warning” that appear on the screen when i try to launch some apps.
Security warning on Xiaomi device
I wonder why does those warning keep showing on the screen which is just a little bit annoying me. Do you face the same problem with me? Okay, actually that was not a problem, that’s just a warning. There’s a built in security apps for each Xiaomi devices who’s responsible to show those annoying warning on your screen.
So how to fix or hide it? It’s easy, all you have to do is following this simple steps:
1. Run the Security app on your Xiaomi device, and then choose the Permission option (see image below).
Resolving security warning on Xiaomi
2. Now you are entering Permission Manager menu as shown as the image below. Now to keep your phone from those security warning, all you have to do is just turn off the Permission Manager and then choose OK.
How to hide security warning on Xiaomi
It’s easy right? But i have to remind you that this feature was included on your device for your own security. This app will warn you when some other app are trying to access a hardware function, to make sure that no apps will run (or accessing any hardware feature) without your permission.