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How To Delete / Remove Partition On SD Card

Remove partition on SD card
How To Delete / Remove Partition On SD Card – Previously i have post about how to create partition on SD card. And now on this occasion, i will share to you about how to delete or remove partition on SD card. Why do we have to delete partition? There’s some reason why we have to do that, maybe you have to re-partitioning your SD card, change file system on SD card, or maybe you found that partitioning SD card has no advantages at all. So now i’ll explain how to remove it using minitool partition wizard. Let’s check the easy way!

Before we start the tutorial, make sure that you have install the minitool partition wizard on your PC / laptop. If you don’t install it yet, you can download the tool from this link and install it on your PC. Then you should have a card reader to connect the microSD card with your PC / laptop. Don’t forget to backup all your data on the SD card to your PC. If it’s all done, let’s we start the easy steps!
1. Run minitool partition wizard on your PC / laptop.
Launch minitool partition wizard
2. Look at the disk 2 on the tool, right click on one of them, then choose delete. Do the same with the other one.
Deleting partition on SD card
And then there will be only one partition on disk 2 just like the image below :
Partition deleted
3. Now set the file system on the SD card. Right click on disk 2, and choose create.
Set file system on SD card
4. Sets the file system as FAT32 (or as you wish), and for the “create as” section choose primary. Then click OK
Create file system as FAT32
5. Then if you done, just click apply button on the top left corner on the tool. There will be shown a popup menu, make sure you have close all apps on
your PC (Except this app), and do not use the power saver / battery
saver mode on your PC / laptop before clicking OK. And i suggest you to
turn off your AntiVirus, and turn your PC offline. Wait till minitool
tells you that the process of partitioning is successful.

Removing partition successfully
Done! Don’t forget to reactivate your AntiVirus after that. 🙂