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Creating A New Partition on External Storage


Creating A New Partition on External Storage – Before i tell you how to create a new partition on microSD card (or another external storage like SD card), i will explain about what is the purpose and the benefits of partitioning, especially for Android devices. On those device like smartphone or tablet which is running with Android OS, people usually create a partition on their microSD card (external storage) as a requirement to help ease the burden of the internal storage on the device.

So is that means that if we create a new partition on SD card, it will increase the internal storage capacity? Of course not! On Android OS, there’s some apps such as Link2SD that could help us to move the app’s data to the second partition of the microSD card. So, the data of the apps  that used to be saved on the internal storage could be moved to SD card, which it means, user could save more space on the device’s internal storage.

As default, an SD card has only one partition with FAT32 file system, so here i will explain you how to create a second partition on SD card step by step. But i have to remind you, that you will not obtain the benefit of partitioning on your Android device if you’re not installing the apps (in this case, the app is Link2SD), unless, you have another purpose to partitioning the storage. Okay, lets start the steps!

NOTE : Please read carefully! You can also follow this tutorial to partitioning microSD or USB Flash drive for another purposes that not related to Link2SD app.

  • Before we start with the steps, you have to download the tool, in this article we will use the minitool partition wizard. Download here to get the app, then install it on your PC / laptop.
  • Then you should have a card reader to connect the microSD card with your PC / laptop
  • Don’t forget to backup all your data on the microSD card first, just copy all the data and paste on your PC. I recommend to you to make a new folder on PC storage, then place the microSD data on it.

How to use Minitool Partition Wizard to create a new partition

1. Run the Minitool partition wizard on your PC, insert your microSD to the card reader, then plug in the card reader (or USB Flash drive) to your PC. Wait until a new section named “Disk 2” appearing under the PC’s hard drive (Disk 1), as seen as the image below.

How to create new partition on storageChoose “Disk 2” (F:) then right click and select move/resize just like the image above.

2. Now if you want to create partition as a requirement of using Link2SD on Android, in this step, we will create the first (main) partition that can be use for saving music, images, and the other files. This partition needs a big storage space, between 75% – 95% or even more of the total of the storage capacity. If you’re using an SD card with small capacity (2GB or 4GB), i suggest you to leave just a little space for the 2nd partition, 300 MB is enough.

And if you’re using an SD card with bigger capacity, you can leave a bigger space for 2nd partition. But, don’t leaving too much space, no more than 30% of the total storage space. You can set the storage capacity by sliding the right bar edge just like the image below.

Tutorial to create partition on memory cardAfter sliding the bar, the size of the main storage will change. And remember, keep the space big enough because this will set the first and main partition! Now see on the Unallocated Space After section. That is the space that we will use for the second partition. Now hit the OK button to continue.

3. Look at the picture below. The new partition will appear under the main partition that we had set the space before. But it is done yet because we need to set the new partition so that it can work properly.

Creating a new partition on microSD cardRight click on it, then choose Create. If there’s a popup menu shown after you clicking create, just click on the Yes button.

How to use minitool partition wizard4. Now you should pay attention on this step really carefully. Look at the image below. You must set the File system section, as Ext2, and then set the “Create as” section, as Primary. If you forget to set this section, the 2nd partition will not recognized / not detected on your device.

Make a new partition using minitoolNow click OK button. But, if you have another purposes that not related to Link2SD, you can change the file system as your needed. And then, you can also create the 3rd partition if you want it too. Simply slide the bar and set the space as you want. But if you only need to separate the storage by 2 partition, you don’t need to slide anything then click OK to continue.

5. Before we continue, please recheck to make sure that you had set all the things in a right way.

Set the second partition on microSD cardIf you’re not sure or make a mistake or want to change the settings, you can click on the Discard button that placed on the top of the Minitool appearance, and then you must start over from the first step. And if you’re done, click Apply to continue!

Creating second partitionThere will a popup menu appearing after you click Apply. Make sure you have close all the apps that running on your PC (Except Minitool and the browser to read this article), and do not use the power saver / battery saver mode on your PC / laptop before clicking OK.

And i suggest you to turn off your AntiVirus for a while (this is important), and turn your PC offline (optional). Wait until Minitool tells you that the process of partitioning is successful. And that’s it!

You can now try to use Link2SD after this. And if you also need a guide to use it, you can visit this page. Feel free to exploring Techijau.net to read another posts. And oh, don’t forget to reactivated your antivirus. Hope this will helpful!