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How To Hide Word Suggestion On Asus Keyboard

How To Hide Word Suggestion Or Input Prediction On Asus Keyboard – People nowadays are affected with typing addict since a smart devices (smartphone or pc tablet) dominating the global market. Yup, lots of the smartphone user was wasting their time with their gadget by typing a message (and or a “status” on social media). To attend the growth of “typing addict”, the smartphone manufacturer was developing many feature on their device’s keyboard such as a word suggestion feature.
We can see that feature working by showing some related words above the keyboard while we typing. Actually, this feature was given to the device to help us typing faster and correctly based on the word that we try to type. But some people were feeling annoyed with that feature because it takes more space on the screen while the keyboard was active. That was the thing that my friend’s complaining about and he asked me to hide the word suggestion on his Asus Zenfone’s keyboard.
Well, if you complaining the same problem with your Asus android device with ZenUI (whatever if it’s a Zenfone, Fonepad or PadFone), all you have to do is just following this steps:
1. Open a messenger app and try to type a word on it to activate the keyboard. Now see the image below. Tap and hold a button that place on the bottom left and then choose the “gear” icon to open keyboard setting.
Setting the asus zenfone keyboard
2. The screen will showing a popup menu, click setting button. Then you will bring to the Asus keyboard setting menu. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose Advanced settings.
Hiding the word suggestion on asus keyboard
3. Now tap on the “Show word suggestions” option, below the Word suggestion settings section. Another popup menu will appear and then simply choose Always hide to deactivate that feature.
Hiding the input prediction on asus keyboard
That’s it! The input prediction will not appear on your Asus keyboard. It’s easy isn’t it? Feel free to hit the +1 button if you like this post!