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How To Fix Wi-Fi Problem On Asus Fonepad 7

How To Resolve Wi-Fi Problem On Asus Fonepad 7 – A few days ago i am facing wi-fi issue on my Asus fonepad 7 (FE170CG). I’m not sure what’s wrong with this tablet because everything works just fine and smooth before, until i turn it off to charge the battery and i begin to start it next morning. I found that the wi-fi is just “stuck” when i try to turn it on (the apps keep saying “turning wi-fi on” but it won’t). I try to restart the tablet for so many times but that problem won’t disappear and that makes me so frustrated.
The wi-fi cannot be turn on for at least 2 days until i found the solution unintentionally. So if you facing the same problem with me, you don’t need to panic because you just need to do a simple step to fix it. Here they are:
Fixing wi-fi issue on Asus Fonepad 7 (FE170/171CG)
1. Make sure that your tablet is on. Go to setting -> storage -> and then click unmount external storage. But if that option is not available, simply just go to the next step.
2. Now remove your microSD card (external storage) from your tablet. Wait for a minute and then re-insert it. Let the tablet read the microSD for a second until it says “external storage inserted” (you can see it on notification bar).
External storage inserted

3. And the final step is you must restart the tablet and see how’s the result. It’s working on mine.

Resolving wifi issue on asus fonepad 7

I found that simple solution after i want to try to do a full wipe (factory reset) on my tablet to fix the wi-fi issue. But before i do that that, i’m going to move all my files to the external storage using the file manager app, but i’m not found any external storage detected on that app. So i decide to do those steps (i’ve been write above) first in order to make the app manager could detecting the external storage. And when i’ve done with the steps, the wi-fi is just back in normal.

I hope this simple solution is also working on yours so you don’t need to do a full wipe (factory reset). But if it won’t work, i’m afraid that you should wipe (factory reset) your tablet (all your data, installed app etc. will be lost). Please write a comment below to share your experience or if you found any problem while following those steps.