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What To Do If Your Phone Won’t Turn On or Charge After Dying


What To Do If Your Phone Won’t Turn On or Charge After Dying – That night, i was so panic when my Android tablet is suddenly turned off by it self while i’m playing a game with it. I try to turn it on after leave it for a while to let it cooling down, but it won’t.

I assuming that the battery was drained away or empty, and then i try to charge it first, but there’s no sign of life! Yes, my tablet just won’t turn on or charge.

How to fix phone won't chargeI don’t know what to do, and i try to ask my friend about this problem, but no one knows how to fix it. So i try tamper with it to find out my self, and fortunately i found a simple way to fix it! And here in this post, i will share it to you, so you don’t need to panic if you have face the same problem with your Android device (whether it’s a smartphone or tablet).

Please note that this method will not work for a bricked phone because of modding or flashing faulty.

1. Let it cooling down first before you continue with the steps. If your phone has a removable battery, you only need to remove the battery for 30 seconds, then put it back on your phone, and try to turn it on.

Sometimes, you’ll need to charge it for few minutes after you remove the battery, before you can boot it up.

2. But, if your device has a non removable battery, you can try to press and hold (long press) the power button for about 60 seconds, then try to plug it in with the charger.

What to do if phone won't charge3. If there’s still no sign of life, keep charging your phone for about 30 minutes, and then try to long press the power button (for 60 seconds) once again, with the phone still plugged in with the charger adapter.

4. If the phone are still not responding, unplug the charger, long press the power button once again, and then plug it in once again. Now you should wait for 30 minutes more.

If your phone are still won’t turn on after following those steps, i’m afraid that you should panic now. Oh, i mean, you should bring your device to the service center, because it might be some hardware problem there.

Please let me know if this trick were also work for your device, by leaving a comment! And if you find that this post is useful, you can donate us to keep this blog online 🙂