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Simple Way To Delete Cache on Android Without Using Any Apps


Simple Way To Delete Cache on Android Without Using Any Apps – Sometimes, we need to take care of our Android device to keep it run smoothly. There’s some little things that could make the device starts to slowing down. Most of the device will starts to run really slow when the storage capacity is full, so, it’s not recommended to you who has a device with a limited storage size to installing too much apps on it.

Because it will surely takes a lot of space on the device. Plus, the installed apps (especially the apps which is should work with data connection like facebook, twitter, or another social media apps) is usually will leave a cache files (and another junk files) for each time we use it, which it will keep taking up the space of the device’s storage.

And of course, we need to taking care on it to keep the space in a safe level. Clearing cache files periodically will help it so much, and usually we will need to install a third party apps to do that. But, if you are using a device with Android v5.0 (Lollipop), you don’t need to use any additional app on your device, because there’s a simple way to do that :

1. Go to Settings, scroll down to find Storage menu, tap on it.

How to delete cache on android2. The phone will show you the details of storage distribution. Now, tap on the Cached data section, just like shown as the image below.

Delete cache files on Android3. Then there will appear a popup menu to tell you that the phone will clear cached data for all apps, then hit the OK button.

Delete cache on android without appThat’s it! The cache data on your device has been deleted successfully! But here i suggest you to not clearing the cached data too often, and it’s better if you do this only once per two months. Why’s that? I will explain it later on the other post.

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