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Clearing The Whole Data On Your Android Phone / Tablet


Clearing The Whole Data On Your Android Phone / Tablet – It’s important for you to wipe all the data on your phone before you decide to sell it, or giving it away to whoever you want to prevent your personal data (like contacts, or another personal contents) for being misused by anyone else.

On most of smartphone, there’s a way to clearing the whole data with only some simple steps. But, if you don’t know how to do that, here in this post i will share to you a tutorial about how to delete all your data, especially on the Android devices. So let’s start it!

1. On your Android phone or tablet, open Setting menu, then scroll down to find Backup & reset menu.

How to erase the whole data on Android2. The screen will appearing more menus on there, choose Factory data reset.

How to clear all data on Android3. Then, the phone will warn you that if you complete the steps, the phone will start wiping the whole data that stored into the internal storage including all of your downloaded apps, settings, photos, anything.

And if you sure enough, simply tap on the Reset device button that placed on the bottom of the screen.

Clearing all data on Android4. But before you done, the device will ask you to input your PIN or pattern lock first. And then you will ask to input the code that shown on the screen just to make sure that you’re not drunk (LOL).

Factory data reset AndroidOnce you’ve done with it, your phone will restart and begin to deleting the data, and reset the device into the default setting just like a new one.

That’s it! Please note that it will take some minutes before that device’s ready to use.