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How To Change Xiaomi Appearance (Theme)

How To Change Xiaomi Appearance (Theme) – As we all know that all of Xiaomi devices are using MIUI (based on Android) which is offering many interesting feature on it. One of most popular feature on that UI (User Interface) is the theme feature. That feature will let you, user of Xiaomi device to change the appearance of the screen. It’s not only about changing the background or wallpaper on the screen, it’s a lot more than that. You can change the whole icons, the lock screen style , font, ringtone, etc.
There’s a lot of theme available on the Theme store and the good news is most of them (or maybe all of them) are available for free! Alright then, i’ll show you how to change the theme of Xiaomi devices.
First of all, you have to sign in with your MI account. You have to create it first if you don’t have one. And your phone must be connected to the internet, then you have to follow this steps:

1. Click the Theme app to open the MIUI theme store.

Changing theme on Xiaomi

2. Now you will serve with so many theme on that apps. You can choose the theme based on the popular one or a specific category. Choose one of your favorite theme, click on them and then click the Download button.

Choose theme on Xiaomi

3. If the download is completed, you have to switch to the Local tab just like shown as the image below. When you go to this tab, it will showing your theme collection (theme that you’ve been download before). Yes, it means you can download and save more than one theme on your device. Now just choose one of them and then click Apply button.

Download a theme on Xiaomi

4. Wait for a while and.. Tada! Your theme has been changed!

Changing appearance on Xiaomi

Please note that if you don’t like some components on the theme style (such as the lock screen style, nav bar, etc.) you can easily change them with the components from the other theme. See how to do it on this link (coming soon).