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Error While Uploading Photos Onto Instagram


Error While Uploading Photos Onto Instagram – A few days ago, i have facing an issue with Instagram apps on my Android phone. When i try to selecting a photo to upload it, the apps are showing a pop-up message that says:

Can’t continue editing. Sorry, there was a problem editing your photo. A report has been sent to Instagram.

And then, every time i try to upload my photo, it’s always showing those error message. Why i can’t upload photos on to my Instagram? Is that something wrong?

I try to ask my friend about this issue, and fortunately, he had a simple trick that can resolve it. So now in this post, i will share to all of you about how to fix this problem!

1. Open Settings, then select the Apps menu. Scroll down to search the Instagram app, then tap on it.

Cannot upload photos onto instagram2. The screen will appearing the app info. Now, if you’re using a device that runs Android version 5.1 (Lollipop) and below, you can simply tap on the Clear data button.

But, if you’re using a device that runs Android v6.0 (Marshmallow) and above, you should select the Storage option, and then you will find the Clear data button and so you can now hit the button.

WARNING! Please note that after you’ve done this step,¬†you’re Instagram account will signed out from your device. So it’s really important to remember the username and password on your current Instagram account.

Error while uploading photos onto Instagram3. After that, restart your phone or tablet, and then you can try to sign in and upload your photo to your Instagram account. And oh, make sure that you have a good internet connection before you uploading your photos.

That’s it! Hope it will also work for you!