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Smartphone With Big RAM, What Is The Benefits?


Smartphone With Big RAM, What Is The Benefits? – So we live on a smart devices era, whereas most of people are using them on their daily life. Smartphone is the most popular, which the growth are just like a ton of bricks. The manufactures seems to be competing to made a smartphone with an insane specs and the growth are even faster now. Super fast processors with a huge RAM, and it will still growing all the time.

Smartphone with big RAMThere’s a product that nicely caught my attention, the second generation of Zenfone, Zenfone 2 from ASUS. Nice looking, monster specs and the best thing is about the price. Zenfone 2 has a 4 gigs of RAM which is the biggest RAM capacity on smartphone nowadays. Wow, seems like really nice but i think it’s a little bit too excessive doesn’t it? Never mind, as long as they has a good price it will always be a good thing.

Talking about 4 gigs of RAM on a smartphone, one of my friend was asking me what is the benefits of a big RAM? Is that will help us on our daily life? Well the answer is no, but a big RAM capacity will help the phone to run smoothly while opening more than one apps at the same time or we also known it as a multitasking. Now look at the image below.

Function of RAMThat was an illustration of RAM. While running some apps, some of the app’s data will stored to the RAM so we can read the data of the apps (by running it). When we do a multitasking, the phone will run more than one apps that we can switch easily and smoothly (minimize or maximize apps to jump to the other apps without closing it) whereas the running app’s data will stored to the RAM just like the image above.

Benefit of big RAMBut if the RAM capacity is not big enough, your phone will run slowly (lag) when you try to open another huge app. And the phone will unable to serve a smooth multitasking because the previous running apps should be removed from the RAM.

So the big capacity of RAM should have a great performance of multitasking. But you should notice that the multitasking performance is also depending on the processor’s capability. Okay i’m done with this article. If you want to make any correction from this article, feel free to leave a comment below. – Source (Indonesian)