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Battery Saving Tips for Android


Battery Saving Tips for Android – Android is the most popular operating system for mobile devices, at least for this days. But some of Android device users complained about the battery life issue. To solve this problem, most of people decide to use some battery saver apps which is available on Google PlayStore (Android Market).

Battery saving tips for androidThere’s nothing wrong about that, but do you know that we could do some simple tricks to save our device’s battery life without using any apps? If you don’t know yet, i will share to all of you about how to increase battery life on Android device, with a really simple way. But please note that i am NOT mentioning about increasing the battery power or capacity, it’s just a tips about how to not draining your battery too quickly. Okay, let’s start the easy way!

1. First, you can turn the device’s screen brightness to the lowest level, or at least, do not set the brightness too high, according to your needs. For your info, your device screen is one of the main components that consume your battery power greedily. So if you set your screen brightness to the highest level or more than you need, it will drain your battery life quickly.

Increasing battery life on AndroidYou can also try to turned off the Auto-rotate screen. And then, you can try to turning off the screen suddenly, once you’ve done to deal with your phone.

2. Prefer to use Wi-Fi instead of using the mobile data connection. Trust me, it will help you so much to save the device’s battery life, and your data plans, too.

But, if there’s no Wi-Fi available, just make sure that your phone can catch a good signal while you’re using them to surf on the internet, especially if set to lock the mobile data network (4G only or 3G only).

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Don’t force your phone to exploring the internet while it has suffering with the signal. Because it will drain the battery quicker than usual. And also, it will increasing the temperature of your device, which is not a good thing.

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Also try to turned off  the unused connectivity like Bluetooth and NFC, but don’t ever turning the GPS off for safety reason (unless if you’re on a plane).

How to increase battery life on Android3. Set the ringtones, prefer to use a short in length one for a message or chat notification. And then, try to turn down the volume of the ringtone while you using your device.

4. Make sure to close all the unused apps after using it, because some apps will still running even you’re not using it. Use the exit menu to close the apps, or touch the back button repeatedly until it’s closing. Avoid to touch / tap the home button to close apps, because if you tap or click it, the apps will still running on background (minimize, for multitasking), which means it will keep your device’s processors working, and it will drain your battery quicker.

To make sure that you have closed the apps properly, try to touch the recent app button (usually on the opposite side of the back button) and then swipe to the left or right on the list of the apps that’s appeared on the screen to close it.

5. Do not installing a ton of messenger apps. Only install the most used one. Unless that you have a phone with a huge RAM.

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Joining on the chat group will also affected to the battery life. So, i suggest you to more selective before joining a chat group.

Things that causes battery drain fast6. Then the last tips is keep it cool. Because the higher temperature will decreased your battery performance.

That’s it! Really simple, right? I’m not guarantee that this trick will help you to keep the battery last longer than a day. But at least, it will prevent you to charge your device too early. Feel free to explore Techijau.net to find another useful tips!