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ASUS Zenfone 3 ZE520KL Camera Sample


ASUS Zenfone 3 ZE520KL Camera Sample – I’ve been using the new ASUS Zenfone 3 ZE520KL for 10 days now, and i want to share something that i’m sure that you might be interested of : the camera test result!

ASUS Zenfone 3 ZE520KL camera reviewI purposely taking a time to take some photos with the 5.2 inch Zenfone 3 under various conditions, so now on this post i will show you how the 16 Megapixel camera with Sony IMX298 sensor to perform on the real life! Lets start with the low light condition.


The camera could perform really impressive on the low light condition, at least, in my opinion. Not just because the image looks pretty bright, but there’s another reason. Let’s take a look at this picture :

Zenfone 3 camera test, dimly lit conditionThe lighting is dimly lit at the moment when i took that photo with my Zenfone 3 (auto mode). Guess what? The camera is automatically set the ISO at 3200 with 1/8 sec exposure time, and as you can see from the image above, the photo looks pretty clear! I mean, i almost cannot find a noise (or grainy effects) on it.

It’s not easy to take the photo, because i should hold the phone steadily to avoid the blur effect. Don’t forget that the Zenfone 3 has an Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) on it’s camera, it’s a little bit helping on this condition, especially while the camera is taking a picture with a longer exposure time.

Zenfone 3 camera test with dim lightThe 8 megapixel front camera is working pretty good too on the same light condition. It’s pretty bright, and less noise (with ISO 1400).

Zenfone 3 front camera sampleI try to find a better lighting condition, and here’s the photo sample :

Zenfone 3 camera review indoorASUS said, the Low light mode on this device’s camera could capture an image with up to 400% brighter and less noise, compare with the “normal” mode. So, let’s see how well is that feature on Zenfone 3!

Zenfone 3 camera on low light conditionI took that photo with a really low light condition, with only dim light from the other room’s turned on. And ya, this feature works really great! But, you only can capture 4 megapixel picture if you’re using this feature. And you know what? The camera turns the ISO up to 6400 while i took the photo.

Here’s another camera sample with various camera mode on Zenfone 3.


Now let’s see how good is the Zenfone 3 camera while we using it on the outside!

Zenfone 3 mode HDR autoThat photo is taken with HDR Auto activated. Not to be confused with the “HDR Pro” mode, HDR Auto will showing a real time HDR preview while we activate it, but the image result will loose a little contrast.

HDR auto modeWhile the HDR Pro mode will (should) be taking a more contrast photo with High Dynamic Range. But, on Zenfone 3, i found that this feature won’t work as it should be. Let’s take a look the result, compare with the previous mode.

Zenfone 3 HDR pro modeAs you can see, the background of the image looks too bright, which it should be “balancing” the brighter side and the darker side of the photo, just like the HDR Auto mode does. The HDR Pro mode looks has nearly no different with the Auto mode (with HDR mode turned off) that you can see from the image below. But it might only be a bug from the software, so it could be fixed on the next update software.

Zenfone 3 camera test without hdrI suggest you to turn off the HDR mode if you want to take a close up picture, if you don’t want to loose the detail of the object.

Zenfone 3 camera result daylightHow the HDR auto mode perform with a pretty strong backlight? Here’s the result :

Zenfone 3 camera perform on backlight conditionAnd more

Zenfone 3 camera test with backlightNow i will testing the Super resolution mode. I take 2 photos with a different mode, and crop the image to compare the detail of the images.

Super resolution modeHere’s the comparison, left side is taken with Super resolution mode, and right side is taken with auto mode.

Super resolution on Zenfone 3, image comparisonSuper resolution mode on Zenfone 3 could take up to 64 megapixel image with it’s 16 megapixel sensor. But, you should hold the phone steadily while you take the photo.

The most favorite camera feature on the Zenfone 3 is the Manual mode. With this mode, we can set the ISO from 50 up to 3200, shutter speed from 1/50000 sec up to 32 sec, and set the focus manually.

Manual mode Zenfone 3 ZE520KLI’m sure that you who loves photography will love this feature, because we can take a photo with more creative way.

Manual mode camera sample Zenfone 3 ZE520KLYou can see some other camera sample from Zenfone 3 by clicking the thumbnails below, or you can follow my Instagram account @masbocah to see more phone camera samples.

So that’s it! Feel free to write your opinion on the comment section below!