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Fixing “ASUS Calling Screen Has Stopped” On Your Zenfone


Fixing “ASUS Calling Screen Has Stopped” On Your Zenfone – My friend just got her brand new ASUS Zenfone 3 Max last week. And yesterday, she found an issue while trying to make an outgoing call on that device.

The screen keep showing a pop-up message that says “ASUS calling screen has stopped” for every time she try to make a call. And of course, that was really annoying! I suggesting her to restart the device and then try again, but it still can’t help.

How to fix ASUS Calling screenSo then, i try to find out what’s wrong with her device and fortunately, i found the solutions! So, if you have face the same problem with your Zenfone 3 Max, you can follow this steps to fix it!

NOTE : I think it will also work for all Zenfone 3 series including Zenfone 3 Ultra, Zenfone 3 Laser, Zenfone 3 Deluxe, and also all Zenfone series that run with Android Marshmallow.

1. Run Settings on your phone, then select Apps menu. The screen will showing you the list of all installed apps on your device. Find and select ASUS Calling Screen, just like the image below.

ASUS Calling screen has stopped2. After that, the device will appearing the App info. Select Storage section, and then tap on the Clear data button.

How to fix calling screen has stopped3. Now, hit the back button once (back to the App info), then select Permissions section. Make sure that you’re allowing all the permissions just like the image below.

Error while making call on ASUS4. Close the settings, and restart your device. Then you can try to make an outgoing call once again!

That’s it! I hope it will work on your device! Enjoy!



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