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ShareIt, Apps For Transfer Files Via WiFi

ShareIt, Apps For Transfer Files Via WiFi – Sharing files between smartphone or tablet to a laptop (or the otherwise) can be so troublesome if one of those devices do not support bluetooth connection because we need to connect them via USB cable. Yep, most of us still rely on bluetooth connection to transfer files wirelessly and it will be a separate issue if one of the device is not supported with bluetooth. But that will no longer a big problem now because we can use an alternative way to send files wirelessly using ShareIt.
ShareIt is an app that can be use for sending or receiving files over WiFi with a simple way and you don’t need a WiFi router or an active WiFi network or anything else to use it. You can simply connect using your device’s WiFi radio. Ya, it’s simple, hassle free, better and faster than bluetooth. You can use this app to send multiple files such as photos, videos etc. with high speed transfer rate.
ShareIt apps, transfering file over wifi

I’ve been use this app for months and it helped me so much to transfering data between my devices :

  • From laptop to smartphone / tablet
  • From smartphone to laptop
  • From smartphone to smartphone / tablet both of them work perfectly!
Just make sure that your device is supported with WiFi connection. You can get it for free on both application store that support with ShareIt :
For Android, click here
For iOS, click here
For Windows Phone, click here
For Windows (Desktop version), click here
Download the app on both of your devices and start to send files. Enjoy it!