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How To Activate Guest Mode On Xiaomi Devices

How To Easily Activate Guest Mode On Xiaomi Devices – Another great feature that we can found on Xiaomi devices is the Guest Mode. Guest Mode is a feature that allowed you to hide all the app contents for privacy reason. Please note that it will not hiding your apps, it’s just hiding the content. So people can still open the app (for example the contact app) but the content (list of contact) will shown as empty. That’s a better way to keep your privacy away from your over curious friends.

Now to use that feature you have to activate it first. Because if you’re not turning it on, your phone will not hide the app contents. So here’s how to activate guest mode on your Xiaomi device:

1. Run setting on your phone, choose Security option and then choose Privacy protection.

Privacy protection on Xiaomi

2. See on the Guest Mode section just like shown as the image below. First, you must switch the Guest mode button to turn it on. Second, you can switch on the Password button to set a password. So if anyone want to turn the Guest mode off, a password will require to confirm that action. It will make sure that no one will able to see your app contents without your permission.

Activate the guest mode on Xiaomi

And that’s it! All of your app contents will not showing while the Guest mode is switched on. You have to do this whenever your friend wants to borrow your phone. Want a simpler way? Simply add the Guest Mode shortcut on the navigation bar just like this:

Guest mode shortcut on Xiaomi

All you have to do is tap on More button and put the Guest option above the bar that shown as the image below.

Setting a shortcut on Xiaomi

Now you can switch the Guest Mode on and off with a simple and easy way. Enjoy!