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Locking Network Connection On Android Phone / Tablet


Locking Network Connection On Android Phone / Tablet – I just found that we cannot set the preferred network connection (4G LTE only or 3G HSPA only) on our phone that is running with Android v4.4 and the newer version (i just found it when i’m using ASUS Zenfone) through the regular setting on the phone. And that’s a little bit annoying me when the connection bar suddenly change to “E” (for EDGE/2G) while streaming youtube video, which is makes the video won’t play smoothly.

I try to look for the solutions to lock the network connection on this phone, and now finally i found the way! Thank’s to my friend who told me the solution so now i can set the network connection on my Zenfone. He said, that this trick will also work for another device that is running with Android Kitkat (or the newer version) including Xiaomi, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, and many more. And of course i will share the trick on this blog for you all of our readers. All you have to do is just following this simple steps:

1. Open the Phone dialer app, and then input this secret code:


The screen will showing a Testing menu. Now tap on Device information option just like shown as the image below.

How to keep 4G signal on Zenfone2. Then the screen will appearing your phone information including the signal strength, location and many more. Scroll down the screen until you find the word that says “WCDMA preferred” or “LTE/GSM auto” (below the Set preferred network type section) just like the image below. Click on it

Set prefered network on Zenfone3. There will appear a drop down menu as shown as the image below. Now you can select the network as your wish. In this case, i will try to keep the 4G LTE signal on my phone, so i will choose the LTE only.

Locking network 4G LTE only on ZenfoneYou can also set the network on WCDMA only for locking the network on 3G/HSDPA if there’s no 4G LTE option on your phone, or GSM only for locking the network on 2G/EDGE to save the battery life.

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But, if the secret code won’t work on your phone and won’t showing such a menu like what i’m described above, you can try another secret code :


So that’s it! Now your phone will keep the network connection on 4G LTE only. Enjoy!